Advanced energy data analytics

Optimize efficiency and boost your competitive edge with the most advanced energy-specific data analytics available. Achieve insights into the full spectrum of key processes, from market movements and customer behavior, to supply and demand predictions and risk management. It adds up to informed decision making, enhanced efficiency and performance, and an optimal business all round.

Insight is our pioneering data analytics tool with a full complement of specialized use cases designed to revolutionize your energy business.

Simply connect your smart meter data to our analytic power and transform the way you work using our fully-flexible, pay as you go service. Insight rapidly mines your data for the kind of intelligence that guarantees a competitive edge across all your business processes.

Our innovative software delivers real-time graphic reports that drive increased efficiencies and informs future thinking.

Utilytics Insight is the complete solution in energy data analytics, providing customer insights, increasing efficiency and profitability and detecting new market opportunities.

Utilytics cloud-based services are already helping utilities across Europe create the maximum amount of value from the millions of smart meters already connected to our data services.

Our software and service is custom-built from the ground up for the energy industry.

Our team has an unrivalled knowledge of the energy industry — across the full range of processes. We are passionate about providing bespoke, innovative solutions that make the difference.

Insight use cases are designed specifically for


10 use cases that cover all the key processes, from diagnostics, to load forecasting and cash flow analysis. Advanced intelligence that informs pricing strategy, product roll-out and enhanced customer experience


11 use cases that ensure electricity grid operators predict demand and optimize network capacity. From transformer load analysis to tariff planning and all stops in between.


Insights works pro-actively with Balance Responsible Parties to predict supply and demand with accuracy and foresight. Monitor and control market risks in real-time with our user-friendly function-rich dashboard.


13 specifically designed use cases for district heating operators and energy services. Comprehensively covers key processes from cash flow analysis and load forecasting, to customer diagnostics and meter analysis.

Energetic Ideas – The Insight Articles

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Published 19.01.2018

How smart cities need energy players to work intelligently together.

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Published 02.02.2018

How data driven eco-systems will create a brighter future for energy services.

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Published 02.02.2018

Infrastructure investment in the Finnish grid means a new approach to energy.


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