Insight for Distribution

Utilytics Insight is a suite of focused use cases for DISTRIBUTORS AND GRID OPERATORS. With the Insight cloud-based service, distributors can enhance performance and optimize network capacity and key processes — rapidly increasing efficiency and market competitiveness. Our specifically developed analytics provide an unprecedented insight into transmission and distribution events, from load forecasting to diagnostics and revenue analysis. It adds up to better performance all round with one streamlined and integrated system. The flexible and easy to use service comes with an intuitive and user-friendly application interface, tools and graphics.

Insight is a revolutionary next-generation level of insight with pro-active,
predictive benefit that adds real value to energy businesses.

Utilytics Insight works seamlessly through our advanced cloud-based data analytics platform with no need for any additional infrastructure or IT resources. Utilytics energy data software already manages the smart meter data of vast amount of homes. It provides solutions for all core energy business processes, including smart meter data management, meter asset management, device events and control, production and emissions management, balance settlement and management, contract and portfolio management, billing, and e-services.

Insight Distribution use cases


UtilyticsCX Insight is brought to you by HansenCX. We have enabled market players to gain competitive advantage in 80 countries for 40+ years.


We have chosen Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, as our trusted technology partner. Utilytics Suite is hosted by Amazon Web Services cloud.

Jaakko Huhta

Vice President, Analytics
Tel: +358 400 292 257